11 Ways Your Human Resources Software Saves You Time

11 Ways Your Human Resources Software Saves You Time

By Admin 4 min read

HR software can really save you time. We’re not exaggerating: investing in HR software will free up many hours for you or your HR team to focus on more important tasks. By automating and streamlining all your HR tasks, there are many ways in which HR software like Pypa HR can save you time, from ensuring compliance to allowing you to work remotely, that show you that HR software really is a no-brainer. Here, we will look at 11 of the most significant ways HR software save you time: 

No Paperwork or Clumsy Spreadsheets

Physical HR paperwork can be horrendous, taking up filing cabinet after filing cabinet. Spreadsheets aren’t much better and always end up incredibly complicated. A cloud-based Human Resource software for small business puts all your HR records and information in one place, where it can’t get lost or destroyed. Pypa HR even allows employees to sign forms, meaning you don’t need to scan physical documents or manually upload PDFs. 

Storing HR Records

You can store all of your records in your HRIS. Whether it’s payroll info, taxes, leave or personal information, your HR software can take care of them all, meaning that you don’t have to trawl through different programs or the aforementioned filing cabinets and spreadsheets to find something. A good HRIS like Pypa HR will come with extra security measures like two-factor authentication so you can be 100% sure that your records are safe from prying eyes. 

Ensuring Compliance

The advantage of having all your records in one place? No more worrying about compliance. Compliance, especially issues with payroll, is typically one of the biggest headaches of the HR department. But now, with an HRIS, you can avoid costly and time consuming mistakes like overpaying employees as the software will take care of compliance issues like taxes, payroll and time logs automatically. 

Reminders and Alerts

So that you can stay on top of your HR paperwork, an HRIS will send you reminders and alerts when something needs to be done, so that you don’t have to worry about manually scheduling HR tasks. This is perfect for compliance tasks, record keeping and scheduling performance reviews and training. 


A HRIS automates an astonishing number of your HR tasks, freeing your HR team from time consuming HR admin. These automatable tasks include: 

  • Time logs: No more time-sheets or manual time-tracking in with an HRIS. With an HRIS like Pypa HR, you don’t have to worry about having a separate program to track your employees sign-in and out times or their activity. It’s fully integrated into your HR software.   
  • Training: Training doesn’t seem like something you can automate, but you can automatically schedule training with HR software, as well as automating the theory parts of any training programme. 
  • Performance reviews: Performance reviews obviously can’t be fully automated, but an HRIS will let you automate forms related to performance reviews and help you schedule and record the performance review itself. 
  • Employee engagement surveys: Employee engagement surveys can also be automated on most HR software, making it easy for you to keep on top of employee engagement.

This is a real game changer that allows your HR department to spend it’s time on more important HR tasks, like employee wellbeing and career development, that can’t be done by a machine.

Form Emails and Letters

Not only will your HR software automate much of your HR admin, it can also make it easier to send routine emails and letters. This is because many HRIS will come with customizable templates for emails, letters and other documents that you use often (e.g. for onboarding and offboarding), saving you the time you would have spent drafting and redrafting documents you use regularly. This is especially useful for contracts because it means that you don’t have to worry about the legal issues around the contract because the HR software has already done the work for you.

Metrics and Reports at Your Fingertips

One of the most important things that an HRIS can automate for you is metrics (e.g. activity levels) and reports (e.g. performance, attendance and absence). HR software allows you to create comprehensive HR reports with one click—making something that was previously very difficult and time-consuming quick and easy (and allowing you to make HR decisions like hiring and firing quickly and in an informed manner).

Onboarding and Offboarding Made Easy

Onboarding and offboarding were previously arduous, paperwork-heavy tasks. Not anymore—Pypa HR can take care of all parts of the onboarding and offboarding processes with form emails to send to candidates and to-do lists so that you don’t forget any important parts of onboarding and offboarding. The entire process can also be done on the platform itself, eliminating the need to send forms back and forth. 

Letting Employees Fill in Their Own Info

The best HR software for small business like Pypa HR lets employees fill in their own personal information and apply for leave themselves, taking another burden off your HR department (and increasing the accuracy of the information). Think of all of the tax forms and personal information forms that you have to enter manually—it’s so much quicker for employees to be able to fill out these details with online Human Resource software.

Streamlining Complaints and Employee Communication

Complaints and requests from employees are often difficult to deal with, but this is another thing that your HR software can help you with. Many HRIS have a section for employees to make complaints and requests, allowing you to keep such communications in one place where they can easily be referred to. A good HR software suite also has a platform for employees to communicate with each other and you, all in the same place as the rest of your HR. 

Allowing You to Work Remotely or on Your Phone

A cloud-based HRIS has the additional benefit of allowing you to complete HR tasks remotely or on your mobile. For example, Pypa HR has an interface that is fully optimized (and easy to use) for mobile devices. Being able to take your HR software anywhere means that you don’t need to be stuck to a desk to check your HR records or metrics, allowing you to spend more time running your business (or on other HR tasks). This ability is more important than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic where you and your employees might be working from home. 

An HRIS can save you time in many different ways—giving you the wonder of automation and metrics at your fingertips, as well simplifying many HR tasks and off-site access to your HR files. And remember, it’s not just time you’re saving, it’s money because in business time is literally money. If you do want to optimize your HR department and save time and money, perhaps it’s time to take a look at Pypa HR.

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By Admin 4 min read

Originally written 30 Nov, 2021 . Updated on 30 Nov, 2021

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