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Making people management
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A feature-packed people management solution for small to medium-sized businesses to grow with affordability in mind.

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Built for startups & expanding businesses

Organized employee profiles

Organized employee profiles

Keep everything related to your employees under their profile. No more having to search around for a specific document or piece of information!

Self-service employee portal

Made for employees & admins

Our built-in self-service portal makes life easier for admins and allows staff to keep track of all of their information, manage time-off, activity, calendar aggregation, and much more.

better decision making

Better decision making

Pypa HR offers a plethora of report templates and insights like performance metrics, time-off, activity level, and company-specific data to aid smarter decision making.

people management solution

Employees & teams in one place

Managing and keeping track of your employee’s data can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve kept everything in one place, allowing you to find and update specific information or documents effortlessly.

Employees can also update their information from their portal so your records are up to date and accurate.

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online leave management portal

Leave tracking & policy management

Know who is taking time off and when. Manage all leave requests under one screen where you can approve, reject, or suggest another date according to your team’s schedule.

Setting up leave policies doesn’t have to be painful! We’ve made templates for specific countries to simplify your experience.

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modern HR solution to manage employee performance

Performance & OKR management

Managing your talent is no easy task. With Pypa HR, ongoing performance reviews and setting OKRs is streamlined and painless.

Create custom assessments to gauge how well your team is performing, and set necessary OKRs or training sessions to develop knowledge and skills for each individual in your organization.

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employee ticketing feature

Dynamic ticketing system

Are you overflowing with requests from employees ranging from procurement requests, printer problems, or travel reimbursements?

Our full-featured ticketing system gives you the ability to manage employee requests from one screen, solve issues without a hitch, and keep your business running smoothly.

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Built-in activity tracking

Never have to worry about your team’s productivity or attendance. With our built-in time tracking tool, you can keep track of your employee’s time spent on various tasks, manage billable hours for client projects, access activity insights and more.

Available for macOS, Windows and Linux

track activities of your employees insights on team productivity

Why businesses choose Pypa HR

Time saving & cost efficient

We’ve merged the best and most common features every business needs to run their HR smoothly and efficiently. Startups can save money by avoiding using multiple software products and replace everything with just Pypa HR to handle their workload.

Integrated experience

We digitize your data, modernize your connectivity, and improve your employee engagement. By using Pypa HR your organization becomes more intelligent, agile, secure, and efficient, with a modern platform that can adapt to an ever-changing global business climate.

Reasons to choose Pypa HR

Many features in one

Why increase your operating costs with multiple different subscriptions for features like time-tracking, requests system, asset register, and more when you can get all that in one easy-to-use application.

Greater flexibility & customization

Make Pypa HR look and work the way you want. We give you unparalleled control over the look of your platform with various theme options, domain settings, feature toggles and more. Don’t settle on one flavor!

See how Pypa HR can work for you

If you are currently facing issues with your HR processes or software you are using, give our HR platform a go and see what it can do for your business!


No credit card required Unlimited time on free plan


Simple & affordable pricing

Free Plan


Up to 5 user | 5 GB storage


Included features:

  • Calendar
  • Profile Management
  • Leave Management
  • Request Management
Pro Plan

₹150 / user / month

Unlimited users | 20 GB storage


All the benefits of Free, plus:

  • Time/Activity Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Messaging
  • Custom Branding
  • SSO
Frequently asked questions
No! Pypa HR has a free tier that is based on the features it provides, not a time limit.
Yes. Pypa HR works on practically any modern device with a web browser.
Our ATS is offered as a different product, Pypa Hire, which is integrated with Pypa HR.
Your information will be encrypted and stored with best practices for sensitive data security in mind.
Our desktop application works on macOS, Windows, or Linux and offers time and activity tracking features you cannot do from a web browser.
Pypa believes in only paying for what you need. Our product suite is integrated, but offered separately so you can choose what your business needs. For example, perhaps you want the free tier of Pypa HR but need the paid tier of Pypa Hire. With our system, you can do that.
For now Pypa offers an API, but built in integrations are coming soon, stay tuned!
Migrating documents is fairly simple, but how you migrate other information depends on the software you are migrating from. Most of our fields accept CSV input. If you need to migrate an amount of data too large to do by hand, it’s best to take advantage of Pypa’s API and create a solution based on the software you are currently using.
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