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Pypa hire

Software that makes talent acquisition easier

Find the right talent faster with a collaborative hiring solution that grows with your organization.

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candidate tracking system

Collaborative hiring

Whether you’re a small or a large business, Pypa Hire makes it easy to hire the right talent every time. Collaborate with your hiring team to evaluate applicants faster and more efficiently while building long-lasting connections with top talents.

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track applicants at one place

Application tracking & automation

Track and manage applicants at every stage of the hiring process to make your hiring faster and more seamless.

Reduce manual workload and automate your recruitment pipeline by creating workflows tailored to specific job roles and stages.

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manage candidates from Pypa Hire

Candidate tracking system

Manage and oversee candidates from all jobs and stages. With advanced filters, sift through applicants with ease and find talent with the specific skills your organization needs. Identify potential future hires and those who might not tick all of your boxes to optimize your hiring strategy.

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schedule candidates and send messages

Centralized messaging & scheduling

Consolidate email and other communications with your potential candidates in one place. Reduce delays and decrease your response time to seal the deal with top talent faster.

Remove the hassle of scheduling phone, on-site, or online interviews by sending a ‘meeting scheduler link’ to find a time that works for everyone’s schedule.

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Why businesses choose Pypa Hire

Built for collaboration

Hiring is a long and tedious process. So why do it alone? Hiring collaboratively means you can evaluate applicants as a team, gather feedback faster, and make the right hiring decision every time.

Seamless integration

Integrate with third-party apps and services to instantly share your job posts on job boards like Indeed, Seek, Monster, and more.

reasons to choose Pypa hire for talent acquisition

Reducing frustration

Various built-in features such as job management, candidate management, automation, messaging and more make it easier for organizations to build their dream team and avoid headaches.

Workflow customization

Reduce unnecessary tasks and steps in your recruitment pipeline by tailoring your workflow to specific job roles. Create a seamless hiring process and spend more time focusing on making the right hire faster.

See how Pypa Hire can work for you

If you are facing issues with your current hiring process or platforms, give our Pypa Hire a go and see what it can do for your business!

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Simple & affordable pricing

Free Plan


Up to 5 user | 5 GB storage


Included features:

  • Job Board
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Candidate Management
Pro Plan

$20/ user / month

10,000 applicant records | 40 GB storage


All the benefits of Free, plus:

  • Interview Scheduling
  • Workflow Management
  • Collaboration
  • Inbox
  • Reports
  • Third-Party Integration
Frequently asked questions
We plan to launch Pypa Hire this year!
Yes! Pypa Hire aims to be an all in one hiring solution.
No! Pypa Hire has a free tier that is based on the features it provides, not a time limit.
Pypa believes in only paying for what you need. Our product suite is integrated, but offered separately so you can choose what your business needs. For example, perhaps you want the free tier of Pypa HR but need the paid tier of Pypa Hire. With our system, you can do that.
Pypa Hire is simple to learn but contains everything you need to get the right candidates for the job. It’s also an all in one solution, integrating with other Pypa products to have everything you need all in one place.
Yes! Our candidate management solution helps you build your ideal talent pool.
Your information will be encrypted and stored with best practices for sensitive data security in mind.
Most of our fields accept CSV input. If you need to migrate an amount of data too large to do by hand, it’s best to take advantage of Pypa’s API and create a solution based on the software you are currently using.
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