How To Do Employer Branding: A Complete Guide

How To Do Employer Branding: A Complete Guide

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Employer branding can help improve your hiring, your employee retention and your sales. Therefore, it’s important to do it right. It’s not hard—follow our simple steps on how to do employer branding and you too can have an employer brand you’re proud of (with a little help from the human resource software solutions Pypa Hire and Pypa HR):

What Is Employer Branding?

Your employer brand is what your employees, candidates, potential candidates and the general public (i.e. your customers) think of you as an employer. It is based on two things: how you treat your employees and how people think you treat your employees. You already have an employer brand, whether you like it or not, because people will have perceptions on how good an employer you are, even if you’ve never thought about it. 

Employer branding is when you concentrate on your employer brand and try to improve it. It’s related to recruitment marketing, but it isn’t the same thing—employer branding needs to go on regardless of whether or not you’re hiring and is directed at your employees and your customers as well as candidates. 

Why Is Employer Branding Important?

Employer branding and having a good employer brand will give you happy employees, attract talent and increase your ROI: 


Recruitment is the main reason why companies do employer branding and having a good employer brand is good for your recruitment, giving you a number of benefits:

Attracts Top Talent

A good employer brand helps you attract top talent (and a lot of it), giving you more qualified candidates to choose from when you make your hiring decisions. This, of course, means you hire better workers.

Lower Cost Per Hire

Candidates want to work for an employer with a great reputation so you won’t have to put as much effort into recruitment marketing to attract top talent (and then they won’t expect you to pay them so much, which is a definite ROI). On the flip side, it costs an average of 10% more to hire with a bad employer brand

Makes Growth Easy

Scaling your business is a piece of cake if your employer brand is good, and you can easily find qualified candidates who want to work for you. With the right employer branding, candidates will flock to your company.

Attracts Diversity

Proper employer branding will attract diverse candidates, both because they are not concerned about mistreatment at your company, and also because they are more likely to know about and recognize your brand.  

A Happy, Productive, Workplace

A good employee brand has positive effects on employee engagement and ROI. Here’s how: 

Less Employee Turnover:

If you have a strong employee brand, then you will lose less workers. Employees love working at companies that value them. This can save you a lot of money in hiring, onboarding and offboarding costs. 

Better ROI:

When you treat your employees well, you will get better results and increased productivity (the same applies with attracting top talent), meaning that employer branding can directly as well as indirectly increase your ROI.

Gain Employee Ambassadors:

If you have a good employer brand, your employees will rave about you. This will improve both your employer brand and gain you customers. 


Customers will boycott businesses with bad employer brands. When it comes to treatment of staff, consumers will vote with their dollar. This can happen with businesses of any size and be caused by something as simple as a potential customer being related to someone you laid off.  

How Do You Do Employer Branding? 

As mentioned above, there are two basic parts to an employer brand: Being a good place to work and advertising it. This means employer branding is made up of improving conditions for your employees and advertising your good employer brand. 
It’s not enough to just do the second; especially in this digital world, candidates will know when you’re not telling the truth. 


The first step in employee branding is evaluating the brand you’ve already got. Your employee brand is easily measurable: You can check, for example, how you’re ranked on Glassdoor.

Make Goals

Once you know what you’re missing, it’s time to make some goals for how you can improve your employer brand. Is your company already a good place to work (and you just haven’t capitalized on this) or can you do better?

Get Feedback From Your Employees

A good way to sort out issues with your employer brand is to ask your employees. Survey them on whether they think your company is a good place to work and how the company culture and benefits can be approved. This can be done anonymously with a human resources software like Pypa HR.

Make Your Company a Place Where People Want To Work

Once you’ve surveyed your employees, take what they say on board and improve your company culture and benefits. (Remember this is what will give you a good employer brand and not just a lot of PR tricks). To promote a positive work environment, make sure you have:

  • Comprehensive insurance (healthcare, mental healthcare, vision, etc.)
  • Plenty of paid leave and parental leave
  • A healthy office environment (e.g. no micromanagement, excessive meetings, bullying or harassment)
  • Fun activities and perks (e.g. games room, a pet-friendly office, free food) 
  • Take care of employees’ health and wellbeing
  • Good employee engagement (including social activities) 

Sounds daunting? All of these tasks can be easily handled by human resources software such as Pypa HR

Have an Employee Value Proposition

An employee value proposition is a document that tells employees what your company has to offer them. For your employee value proposition, think about the items in the last point and define what makes your brand special.


Of course, a good employer brand won’t be working as hard for you as it could without some extra help. (Which means you need to advertise it).

Who are your audience (i.e. ideal candidates)? Think about what your company does and what positions you might have to fill in the future; then think about the people who’ll fill them. This is who you need to show how brilliant an employer you are, so make you advertise on platforms where you can find them. 

As well as advertising on your potential candidates’ preferred social media sites, other ways to promote your employer brand include starting a blog and highlighting your company culture and benefits on your website (which you should be doing anyway). Upload pictures of your company’s Christmas party or employee’s birthdays and detail your comprehensive benefits package. 

Make Your Company Approachable

Just as with your brand persona, your company needs to seem approachable as an employer. Of course, one major way of doing this is having a relatable social media account where you post informal, fun content (instead of just scheduled posts). 

You can also make it easy for candidates or anyone interested in you to get in touch by using a chatbot or appearing at job fairs. 

Make Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

If you’ve got a brilliant employer brand, you should have employees who automatically act as brand ambassadors. If not, encourage them to act as brand ambassadors by soliciting their feedback on your employer brand (as suggested about) and involving them in the company’s mission and values. 

Improve Your Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is something that is an important contributor to your employer brand among candidates. For example, candidates hate to be left waiting for news after applying or being interviewed. However, it’s easy to avoid this with the help of Pypa Hire, which streamlines your recruitment process and acts as a platform for you to send emails and messages to candidates. Pypa HR also allows you to easily onboard your new hires with pre-written templates, ensuring a seamless transition between candidate and employee. 

If you improve your employee brand, you improve your company, it’s that simple. So, with some organisational help from Pypa Hire and Pypa HR, let your flourishing employee culture talk for you. Interested in how Pypa Hire or Pypa HR can help your business—Register for Pypa Hire or Pypa HR today!

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By Admin 5 min read

Originally written 16 Nov, 2021 . Updated on 16 Nov, 2021

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