Pypa Free or Pypa Premium: What Is The Right HR Software For Small Businesses?

Pypa Free or Pypa Premium: What Is The Right HR Software For Small Businesses?

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To give our customers maximum choice and flexibility, Pypa offers a free and premium solution for each of our softwares. Both Pypa Free and Pypa Premium are complete solutions, but there are differences between the two packages. If you want to know which of Pypa Free or Pypa Premium is right for your business, we’ll explain everything in this article:

What Is The Difference Between Pypa Free and Pypa Premium?

Pypa Premium comes with some extra benefits, but that doesn’t mean that Pypa Free isn’t a useful piece of software (far from it). Let’s look at the differences: 


Pypa Free

Pypa’s free versions of our softwares Pypa HR and Pypa Hire are complete solutions that are useful for some businesses. Let’s look at whether Pypa Free is right for you:

Perfect HR and ATS Software For Small Businesses and Startups

Pypa Free is the perfect solution for very small businesses, microenterprises and startups as these companies don’t have large staff or big storage needs

Pypa HR and Pypa Hire have limits on the number of users and storage space, but this is unlikely to be a problem for very small businesses. Very small businesses with 5 employees or fewer will not have problems with Pypa HR Free’s 5 user limit, nor will they struggle with having only 1,000 applicant listings in Pypa Hire Free.

The utility of Pypa Free as HR software for small businesses and startups makes it the perfect risk-free solution for small businesses who need to use HR or applicant tracking software but can’t afford a big investment. In addition, Pypa Free is…

Still a Complete Solution

Unlike many free software options, the free versions of Pypa HR and Pypa Hire are complete solutions containing all the features of the premium versions. This means Pypa Free is a great solution for companies that don’t need to purchase the premium software.

The Perfect Trial Software

The complete nature of Pypa Free also makes it the ideal trial software, so that your business can give it a go before committing to Pypa Premium. We at Pypa don’t think you’ll need much convincing, but we might be a bit biased.

Not Much Room for Scaling and Growth

One disadvantage of Pypa Free is that the free versions of the software do not have much room for scaling and growth because of their limited number of users, applicant records, storage capacity and sales.

This means that if you want to scale your business or have room to grow, then you’d be better off purchasing one of the premium versions of the Pypa software. Fortunately, upgrading to Pypa Premium is easy. 

Let’s look at what Pypa Premium has to offer you…

Pypa Premium

Pypa Premium is Pypa’s paid software solution that includes unlimited storage space, users and sales. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Pypa Premium:

Good for Businesses of All Sizes

Pypa Premium is the modern HR solution for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses right up to large enterprises. Plenty of storage space in Pypa HR and Pypa Hire mean that Pypa’s premium range can accommodate your business regardless of its size (though Pypa’s attractive pricing makes it the ideal solution for small and medium enterprises).  

Flexibility Without Limits

Pypa Premium offers flexibility without limits, meaning you can focus on growing your business: 

Unlimited Storage in Pypa HR and Pypa Hire:

The premium versions of Pypa HR and Pypa Hire come with as much storage as you’ll ever need (20 GB in Pypa HR and 40 GB in Pypa Hire), meaning you can store plenty of HR and recruiting data. 

Pypa’s HR’s unlimited user function allows you to use the software regardless of the size of your staff, while Pypa Hire’s 10,000 applicant limit means that you can easily deal with multiple job postings at once.  

Unlimited Scaling and Growth:

Pypa’s premium options give you the potential for the ultimate flexibility: unlimited scaling and growth.

Your business might be small now, but Pypa’s paid versions of the software allow you to grow your business knowing you can continue to use the same HR software for small businesses, or applicant tracking software as you could as a small business or startup. We think that’s pretty cool.  

A Price That Scales With Your Business

Another major plus of the Pypa suite is that the price of Pypa HR and Pypa Hire scales with your business. The price for both platforms is charged per user, meaning if you only have a few users, they’ll still be pretty cheap, and the services will only get more expensive when your business grows and you can afford it.  

Pypa Free and Pypa Premium are both great solutions to your HR and recruiting needs. Pypa Free is a great option for very small businesses or as a trial program. Pypa Premium is great for larger businesses or businesses who are looking to grow. Whichever you try, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied.

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By Admin 3 min read

Originally written 19 Nov, 2021 . Updated on 19 Nov, 2021

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