Pypa HR Vs Pypa Hire: What’s The Difference?

Pypa HR Vs Pypa Hire: What’s The Difference?

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Pypa HR and Pypa Hire are both cloud-based HR software systems; they’re also (almost)  completely different. Pypa Hire is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and deals with HR tasks related to an employee before you hire them; Pypa HR deals with your HR tasks from the point you send out a job offer. We know there’s a bit of overlap—even we were confused at first—so we put together a handy guide to the difference between the two programmes (and how to tell which is right for you): 


Pypa HR: HR Management Software

Pypa HR is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS), also known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which means it is a program that automates and streamlines HR tasks, such as leave and activity, saving your HR department time and money. Some types of HR management software include a full recruiting suite (because recruiting is an HR task), but Pypa HR (with the extra onboarding module) only contains employee onboarding software. Let’s take a closer look at what Pypa HR does: 

Non-Hiring Related HR Tasks

Pypa HR takes care of all your non-hiring related HR tasks. These include: 

  • Storing employees’ personal and tax information and other employee records 
  • Managing leave requests 
  • Tracking employee performance (e.g. activity) 
  • Time logging
  • Moderation and dealing with complaints
  • Providing a community platform for discussion of work related issues and to foster employee engagement 
  • Managing performance reviews and training
  • Creating HR reports

However, there are some Pypa HR functions that have more to do with hiring and firing: 


An optional module (available in Pypa HR’s marketplace) of Pypa HR takes care of your onboarding process, from the moment a hiring decision is made to the new hire being welcomed to the team. This process, therefore, includes not just the actual onboarding (i.e. collecting personal and medical information, setting up devices, workplace introductions, etc.), but also a pre-boarding process (i.e sending a job offer and contract). 

Pypa HR simplifies the process of onboarding by keeping documents within a cloud-based HR software system so that they don’t have to be emailed back and forth between HR and new hires. It also provides you with email templates and electronic signing options. 


The other, somewhat recruiting related, task that Pypa HR fulfills is offboarding. As with onboarding, Pypa HR provides you with a series of simple steps for offboarding so that you can offboard successfully and without any fuss. 

Pypa Hire: An Applicant Tracking System 

Pypa Hire is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which means it handles and automates the recruitment process (and like Pypa HR saves the HR or recruiting department money). Pypa Hire manages the complete recruitment process from sourcing to hires, which means it overlaps slightly with Pypa HR. However, unlike Pypa HR, it doesn’t take care of other HR functions. Let’s take a closer look at what Pypa Hire does:

Automates The Recruitment Process

As talent acquisition software, Pypa Hire takes you through the entire recruitment process, letting you move candidates through the following steps:

  • Sourced
  • Applied 
  • Phone Interview
  • Interview
  • Test 
  • Offer
  • Hired

This makes it easy to keep track of your hiring process and organize related tasks. However, this is not all Pypa Hire does…

Other Functions of Pypa Hire

Pypa Hire is not limited to the basics of the recruitment process. It also has the following features:

  • Automation of job application forms and job postings
  • Storage of candidate information and prospective talent
  • Hiring reports
  • Interview scheduling tools
  • Communication with candidates via email and SMS, ensuring a positive candidate experience 

All of these things help save you time, allowing you to focus on the in-person parts of hiring (like interviews). 

Where Pypa HR And Pypa Hire Overlap: The Job Offer

The job offer is the point where Pypa HR and Pypa Hire overlap. Once you have used Pypa Hire to decide which candidate to send a job offer to, you can then use the additional onboarding module in Pypa HR to offer the job to the candidate and do other preboarding tasks. The job offer and whether the client accepts or rejects it can be recorded in both Pypa Hire and Pypa HR.

Why Aren’t Pypa HR and Pypa Hire Part of The Same Software?

You might be wondering why we didn’t just combine Pypa HR and Pypa Hire into the same program, as they both have HR functions. There are two main reasons for this: 

Companies Who Want Only Hiring Software or HR Software

Not every company needs either HR management software or an ATS and keeping them separate gives them and us more flexibility. The optional onboarding process in Pypa HR allows companies to onboard without buying hiring software which they might not need, if they have a different hiring process. Onboarding is also, arguably, a general HR function. Moreover, Pypa Hire is still a complete hiring solution without including onboarding, as it still gets you to the end of the recruitment process.

Medium-Large Companies

While Pypa is geared towards small to medium enterprises, we want to give companies the ability to scale and serve companies of all sizes. In larger companies, the HR department is usually split into HR and recruiting, which means it is more convenient to have Pypa HR and Pypa Hire as two separate programs.

Which One Should I Buy For My Business?

The answer to the question— “Which one should I buy?” is simple. If you are looking for a simple HR solution (that might be able to help you with onboarding), Pypa HR is for you. If you want something to help you hire and keep track of your candidates, Pypa Hire is for you. 

But what if you need something in between? If you need a HR solution and some help pre-boarding and onboarding, Pypa HR will still serve your needs. But if you want something to help you with the complete recruitment process and a solution for your general HR needs, then your best bet would be to invest in both Pypa HR and Pypa Hire (we promise you won’t regret it!). 

Pypa HR and Pypa Hire are two equally useful but different HR management software solutions. Pypa HR helps you with general HR tasks, whereas Pypa Hire helps you, well, hire. Pypa HR contains an optional onboarding module, which still fits in with the theme of Pypa HR because onboarding is something that happens post-hiring decisions. One or both of these programs might be right for your business—sign up for Pypa HR and Pypa Hire now!

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By Admin 4 min read

Originally written 19 Nov, 2021 . Updated on 19 Nov, 2021

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